Rosie’s return

ChenMay and Leonie reading July 5 2017

The house was quiet, too quiet.  The girls could feel the quiet.  “Silly isn’t it that the quiet can be so unnerving” the girls were whispering, yet it felt like they were shouting. Then they heard it, the distant sound of music. As it always happened,  it played a few bars and stopped.  “Rosie is back!” both girls said in unison.

They hadn’t seen her return, there wasn’t a car in the driveway, when and how had she returned, why was everything so quiet.  Did the rest of the girls know that Rosie was back.  Without another spoken word, both girls put down their book, and headed for the hallway.

stay tuned

Rosie unpacking

Ms. Rosie (OG doll)

Chen-May and Leonie are Maplelea dolls

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