weather woes


Rosie looked out at the snow-covered landscape.  She had a lot on her mind, by now she knew that the “girls” were aware of her return.  She paced her room, thinking of the directives she had been given during her visit to headquarters.  Each participant at the base under her supervision had been well vetted and trained for the assignments they would be given.  Still, she needed to plan out how and when to  begin each of the projects.

Kit she knew was itching to get out and start integrating her “character” into the setting she was being sent into.  Maybe she should start with Kit, they would need to meet up and arrange wardrobe, and a meeting place, for briefings.  Kit would also have time to develop her background story, and to work into the character so that it was  a “natural” fit, part of her persona.

Kit and ChenMay 2

Plus part of what Kit had in her favour was her close friendship with Chen-May, they had studied the martial arts together,  her long time friendship also meant that she knew a lot about the customs and ways of the Asian community.  Rosie had still to decide if Chen-May would be assigned to the same project, or to another one that was happening on the west coast.  She was waiting for another briefing from her superior.

Satisfied on her decision for Kit to begin preparations, she reached for the intercom.

stay tuned.


Chen-May -MapleLea doll

Kit American Girl doll

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