Fog rolls in

Innes V V 3

Not the kind of day to be out walking, thought Kit.  She looked around her with a pensive look, as she scanned the lounge, she saw that her friends had not arrived yet.  Leonie now lived a distance away, having gone to live with a military couple not too far from the base.  She doubted she would show up, especially that the radio was announcing a flash freeze.

” Hey Kit” Jemma called out…. turning towards the fireplace, Kit saw that Jemma was nestled in a chair with her book.  “Gosh I didn’t see you come in” Kit said as she walked over to where Jemma was sitting.  “Truth be told, I didn’t see you either” smiled Jemma,” was busy reading about my next assignment, I hear you got yours the other day?” It was more like a statement, rather than a question.  Kit smiled at her friend, but didn’t answer, she waved as she saw Rosie heading their way.

Both girls sang out a greeting as Rosie drew nearer.  “Hi Rosie, you made it across the grounds, or did you use the underground walkway?” Jemma asked as Kit moved to find a chair to pull up next to the fireplace.

“Neither” laughed Rosie, as she went over to stand near Jemma.  “I was in the library, doing some research.”  Jemma and Kit looked at each other with grins on their faces, they knew how Rosie like to make sure she researched all the details that would be required for the different projects/operations to  proceed effectively …  they lovingly called her Ms Efficiency, not only when talking about her when she was not around, but sometimes directly to her, when in teasing moods.

“Leonie called, and is not coming,” said Rosie, “so let us grab coffee, tea, whatever you like, so we can then settle down to looking at some maps and do some brain storming.

planning 2

stay tuned

Jemma is AG doll #28

Leonie is a MapleLea doll, Canadian

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