Jemma 1.17.18Jemma was tired, she had been hours reviewing the pictures that Kit and ChenMay had sent back, looking them over one at a time, seeing if she could see anything that stood out.  Yumi would come in later and they would put them up on the big screen and review them one by one all over again.

It had been later in the day, it was eerie in the sense that the places looked like they had just been abandoned.  Where did the people go, why did they leave.  Chen’s contact had taken up one of the old rooms where she had found a desk to work from.

Jan 13_012

This was where they were to meet up and exchange information, and views about what each had  come up with.  Xsa was a doll herself, only she stayed pretty much in adult character, it was what she had been designed for.  When it came to the world of “dolls” they all shared the same special skills, and abilities that escaped most human adults.

If at one time they had understood and been able to connect to the realities/capabilities of the doll world,  as they matured they lost the ability to stay connected.

Jemma’s thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of a bell, someone was approaching.  Her eyes caught the glint of steel on the hand cuffs she saw on the table.  Quickly she closed down her reader, to get up to go towards the main rooms.

stay tuned


fireplace is part of the Our Generations Accessories

Jemma – American Girl #28

Xsa – virtual avatar, Second Life


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