There was a lot of giggling but Jemma managed to get the outfit on that Rosie had sent her.  She couldn’t help but think that this would be fun, if some-what odd.  All her medical studies, and earned degrees were what landed her this assignment, but… as she looked down at her nurse’s uniform, she was going to be an assistant to a Vet.

Jemma 1.24.Rosie

Funnier still was that Rosie was going to be her boss, and putting her skills and past experiences to good use as the specialist in the psychology of pampered pets.  No matter their size.  As Rosie came in, she noticed that even with the change of clothes, she still wore her pearls.

Both the stethoscope and Rosie’s ear phones had been doctored to take in all the sounds around them, and transmit them back to the surveillance room.  They had the ability to do visual tracks as well, but both Jemma and Rosie could also send back images as they saw fit.

Jemma 1.24 RosieRosie looked down at her rubber boots, and laughed, “do you think they go with the pearls” she quipped …  Jemma’s footwear was also water proofed, they had electronic receivers in the heels and small cameras in the toes.  Nothing was being left to chance.  Everything big or small, meaningful, or plain boring, it would all be recorded and kept in chronological order till input could be reviewed and relevant information kept till it was needed.

For now they had to make sure everything was stored in a way that they could retrieve it at a later day.  What was insignificant now, could mean a lot at a future date.

They were not trained to work, their work was their lives.  Working and everything that went with it, was their reason for living, they loved what they did.  Every day was a challenge and a new opportunity to hone their skills.  Training was living.  The more they learned, the more they thrived.

After inspecting each other, and making sure their communication tools were working like they should be, they prepared to head out.

Rosie smiled, “finally another adventure in the field, not just behind her desk coordinating the technicalities and logistics of the sting, she was actually going to be able to work in a field she loved, advanced healing for animals”  Jemma with her experience as a military surgeon who had worked inside enemy lines often under the most primitive conditions would be there to work along side of her..  Yes, a good partnership indeed.

stay tuned.


Rosie- Our Generation doll

Jemma – American Girl #28

clothing, accessories, props, Our Generation


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