SailerMoon (Sai)

SailerMoon March3They didn’t want to stare, but what was SailerMoon doing home.  She had been assigned years ago to the far East, no one thought she would be back so soon.  Certainly not without some communication.  Rosie was not on campus, so it was a total surprise.  Not that they weren’t happy to see her, they were.  Just that, unusual for them,. they were speechless.

As she got closer into the room they could see that she had light scars on her forehead, but aside from that, Sai looked pretty good.

“Hello everyone” Sai’s voice was cheerful, but they detected an edge, and a weariness that didn’t show on her face.

Suddenly they were all clamouring to say hello to her  personally, and wanting to know how she was.

SailerMoon 3.11.18cHer beautiful long hair looked shorter, and where it had been lustrous and healthy, it looked like it was in the process of regaining its vitality. Her eyes held a sadness, although she was smiling, the smile didn’t quite reach her brown doe like eyes.

Knowing she couldn’t put off explaining to her friends, Sai said down, took the coffee offered her,  and sat back in the chair by the fireplace.  This had always been her favourite room, it could be quiet and peaceful, and on other occasions when they were planning an operation, it was the hub of activity.

Everyone had pulled up chairs and were waiting for her to settle in, and begin her story.

“I will keep it short” Sai began, “first let me tell you how wonderful it is to be here and see you all again.”  This time, her smile was warm and they could see she radiated her happiness , her eyes held the twinkle they all loved.

“Friends are so important” she continued.  “When I left, I was so keen to get going, that I was thinking only of my new assignment.  A new home, a new family, and it was not going to be a dangerous assignment where we walk thin lines.” She sighed, “I let my guard down, something we’re taught never to do.  We are always to be present and aware of our circumstances.”

Looking around, she saw the concern in the eyes that were looking back at her.  They were figuring it out.  How lucky she was to have such good friends, family and co-workers.  “The family I was sent to live with, had a couple of children, a boy and a girl. At first it was fun, I got new clothes, and I was taken everywhere.”

Her friends saw the shadow cross her face while she stopped to sip on her coffee.  “It was while my playmates were at school that I began to hear angry voices, and the constant quarreling of the parents.  For awhile their discord was kept from the children, but the time arrived, when neither parent could suppress the anger and resentment they felt and would lash out while the children were awake.”

“It became clear that the anger was no longer providing a safe environment for the children, but before I could formulate a plan, and contact headquarters”  here she paused, and the pain of remembering caused her whole body to spasm.  “There was a physical altercation, other family members got involved, it got out of control, the children and I were left to fend for ourselves, it was not pretty.”

“My friends have been taken into foster care, and I was thrown out. Discarded”  A shudder ran through the room, as they pictured what had happened. “I was picked up by a lady passing by, I was unable to move, the debris and discarded items from the house were dumped outside,  a big box had fallen over my body”  My clothes were torn, dirty, my hair had been pulled and trampled on as I lay unprotected on the ground.  Then when the debris was thrown over me, I was lucky that my head was not crushed.”

A gasp and a few groans escaped the lips of her friends, who stayed quiet … waiting for her to finish.  No one wanted to interrupt.  “The lady took me home, cleaned me up, and gave me new clothes.  She was kind, but all I wanted then was to come back here.  I thanked  her, and made my way back home.  All I want now is to rest, and gather my strength again.  The human world is very volatile and unsettling.  I know you all have questions, and yes,  I will be available for questions, but not now…”

With that, she slowly got up, and made her way to her old room.

SalierMoon 3.11.18 hair


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Sailer-Moon (Sai) is a MapleLea doll she hails from Nunavut is of Inuit heritage


After walking some distance, in silent communication, Chen stopped and pointed in a direction that would take them off the path they had been following.  “I think this is a better way, if we should be followed, it won’t be as easy if we take the deer trail.  Someone would have to know the signs they don’t shout out to leisure hikers.  Kit nodded and they changed direction, Chen leading.  It would be single file till they were clear of the park trail.

Jan 14_004

“interesting find” said Kit.  They had been walking for about a mile further into the dense woodland, and had come across a clearing.  Taking a closer look at the bike, they agreed that it hadn’t been there that long.  the buildings in and around the clearing, looked abandoned, they wouldn’t know for sure until they explored some more.

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“You ready for this” Kit looked at Chen May’s hat and wondered, how Chen thought that hat would go unnoticed.  They were supposed to be hikers off for an afternoon adventure.  Chen’s hat made her look like she was a juvenile delinquent, skipping school. Chen could hear Kit’s unspoken concern in her voice, but decided to ignore it.  After all, if she was to be an innocent, she should look like one.  “I am, old girl, let’s head, you can lead the way..

“Alright you two,” said the voice in their ear, “remember you are off on an afternoon hike, taking advantage of the nice weather”  “Did one of you think to bring a camera?” Both girls whipped out their cell phones, “we will make do with these” said Chen.

“Head for the abandoned buildings, watch for strangers, and be careful, the fog could roll in once you reach an altitude beyond the main park trails”  They heard the sound of a chair and then Yumi’s voice was back, “sorry wanted to adjust the monitor so I could keep track of your movements.  I will be here till Rosie comes in to relief me.  Be careful”

There was a  crisp click as Yumi signed off, leaving them to continue their trek up the trail, making their way towards the less used parts of the park.

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Jan 13_006

yumi rosie 14a

Yumi and Rosie


Jan 13_001

The warehouse looked empty, no one seemed to be around.  It was a little too quiet, there was no animal or birds sounds, and they are surrounded by a lot of forest.

Jan 13_004

Then she spotted the man, off to the side, looking towards the empty warehouse. Not wanting to meet up with him, or to give up her vantage point, she instead, took his picture to send back to Yumi.

Jesse aka Yumi 1.13.18

Yumi heard her phone, but let it go to voice mail. She Rosie and Kit were busy looking at the map, trying to determine what was around the warehouse that Chen-May had found. If it was urgent, she knew Chen would send the alert to her phone.  Technology had come a long way, Yumi was the top engineer in her field, she had been teamed up with Chen years ago, their ability and know how when it came to electronics and engineering  was well known.  Both excelled and had proven themselves over the years to be formidable operators.

Jesse aka Yumi and KitChen would maintain surveillance, and move on to meet up with their contact person from the other agency.

Jan 13_010

Chen had made her way to the area she was to meet her contact.  Her martial art skills, meant that she was able to move silently through the woodlands.  Silently she watched as the woman, also silent in her movements, made her way to the meeting place.

Jan 13_007

The old lookout was a good place … the woman had chosen wisely.  From where she sat, no one could creep up or surprise her.  Chen May smiled in approval.  The meeting would be a good one.  Meanwhile she knew  Yumi and Kit would be working out the next step.  Time to meet her contact.

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Yumi, aka Jesse is an Our Generation doll she is related to Rosie