jemma 2.6.18It was not the best light, but Jemma was determined to find the place on the map that Rosie had mentioned to her earlier.    She had been distracted by an incoming call, and now she was having to focus.

In the background, she heard voices, but refused to let them distract her further from her quest.  She was being called, frowning, she looked down at her phone, it was silent.

Jan 14_023

Looking up at the monitor, she saw where the voices were coming from.  It looked like a deserted waiting station, maybe at an old now defunct railway line. She knew the feed was recording, and had to decide to watch, or wait and play it back when she had more time.

Deciding that her current task needed her attention, she bend down to study the map again.  No sooner had her eyes left the screen when she heard  the sound of gun shots.

Jan 14_026

Why was Xsa lying down, had she been shot, who was the stranger she was with, he seemed to be trying to make her comfortable.  Why hadn’t Kit gone down, where was Chen-May?  She had only just looked down.. She knew while the taping was active, there was no tampering with the monitor.. She would have to wait to know more.

Jan 14_019


The picture on the screen changed, she could see the fog was rolling in, the train was off the tracks, darn, she wished she could focus in closer.  Sighing, she returned to the task at hand and the map that was patiently waiting for her full attention.

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Jemma, American Girl

Xsa & stranger, SL Avatars

SL http://www.secondlife.com     a virtual world




Jemma 1.17.18Jemma was tired, she had been hours reviewing the pictures that Kit and ChenMay had sent back, looking them over one at a time, seeing if she could see anything that stood out.  Yumi would come in later and they would put them up on the big screen and review them one by one all over again.

It had been later in the day, it was eerie in the sense that the places looked like they had just been abandoned.  Where did the people go, why did they leave.  Chen’s contact had taken up one of the old rooms where she had found a desk to work from.

Jan 13_012

This was where they were to meet up and exchange information, and views about what each had  come up with.  Xsa was a doll herself, only she stayed pretty much in adult character, it was what she had been designed for.  When it came to the world of “dolls” they all shared the same special skills, and abilities that escaped most human adults.

If at one time they had understood and been able to connect to the realities/capabilities of the doll world,  as they matured they lost the ability to stay connected.

Jemma’s thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of a bell, someone was approaching.  Her eyes caught the glint of steel on the hand cuffs she saw on the table.  Quickly she closed down her reader, to get up to go towards the main rooms.

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Jemma – American Girl #28

Xsa – virtual avatar, Second Life



After walking some distance, in silent communication, Chen stopped and pointed in a direction that would take them off the path they had been following.  “I think this is a better way, if we should be followed, it won’t be as easy if we take the deer trail.  Someone would have to know the signs they don’t shout out to leisure hikers.  Kit nodded and they changed direction, Chen leading.  It would be single file till they were clear of the park trail.

Jan 14_004

“interesting find” said Kit.  They had been walking for about a mile further into the dense woodland, and had come across a clearing.  Taking a closer look at the bike, they agreed that it hadn’t been there that long.  the buildings in and around the clearing, looked abandoned, they wouldn’t know for sure until they explored some more.

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Jan 13_001

The warehouse looked empty, no one seemed to be around.  It was a little too quiet, there was no animal or birds sounds, and they are surrounded by a lot of forest.

Jan 13_004

Then she spotted the man, off to the side, looking towards the empty warehouse. Not wanting to meet up with him, or to give up her vantage point, she instead, took his picture to send back to Yumi.

Jesse aka Yumi 1.13.18

Yumi heard her phone, but let it go to voice mail. She Rosie and Kit were busy looking at the map, trying to determine what was around the warehouse that Chen-May had found. If it was urgent, she knew Chen would send the alert to her phone.  Technology had come a long way, Yumi was the top engineer in her field, she had been teamed up with Chen years ago, their ability and know how when it came to electronics and engineering  was well known.  Both excelled and had proven themselves over the years to be formidable operators.

Jesse aka Yumi and KitChen would maintain surveillance, and move on to meet up with their contact person from the other agency.

Jan 13_010

Chen had made her way to the area she was to meet her contact.  Her martial art skills, meant that she was able to move silently through the woodlands.  Silently she watched as the woman, also silent in her movements, made her way to the meeting place.

Jan 13_007

The old lookout was a good place … the woman had chosen wisely.  From where she sat, no one could creep up or surprise her.  Chen May smiled in approval.  The meeting would be a good one.  Meanwhile she knew  Yumi and Kit would be working out the next step.  Time to meet her contact.

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Yumi, aka Jesse is an Our Generation doll she is related to Rosie